[ Way to Go in person events are postponed for 2022-2023 academic year. Please visit burmese.languagemaison.com for Free Burmese Basic Vowels and Pronunciation Guide.]

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What is the "Way to Go" Program?


Language Maison Myanmar offers you the "Way to Go" Burmese learning program. This program is specially designed for beginners who want to focus on Burmese speaking skills, and prefer self-learning but have little time for study or would just like to have a new experience and looking for an activity! This year, the intensive course program will run over a weekend for a fee of $260 covering the whole program fee, learning materials, refreshment, buffet lunch and language-culture program experience for both days, at a 5-star luxury hotel in a perfect location – the best price in town for a program like this! Register early and get 105 Burmese lessons free for 90 days as a bonus! The tutor, who will lead you into learning, is a native Burmese instructor with Burmese language teaching experience, and like every year, there will also be supporting coordinators. Last but not least, we are also happy to announce that a complimentary 5-hour Burmese training ticket will be rewarded at the end of the program to help more in your learning journey to use it later, for yourself or for your friend! 

What will I learn on the "Way to Go" program?


You will learn some of the differences between Burmese and certain other languages, and some useful basic Burmese vocabulary and common phrases. You will learn to understand question words, how to introduce yourself, and what to say on certain special occasions. You will also begin to develop a cultural awareness and understand the areas you need to take care of when speaking to Burmese people. This introductory session is designed to equip you for self-learning after the 2 days. We will guide you on the most useful learning materials and websites to use, on the classes available in Yangon, and also give you tips and general advice on learning Burmese. Last but not least, you will meet other Burmese learners in Yangon. Language Maison Myanmar is also excited to announce we are partnering with the popular online language learning website L-Lingo.com. As a 'Way to Go' program attendee you will get access to all 105 of their Burmese lessons for 3 months after the program ends - absolutely free and with no obligation.

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When will the program "Way to Go" run?


The program is usually planned on a good weekends in March, from 9 am to 4 pm. 


Where will the program take place?


The program used to take place at a 5-star hotel/ premium office venue provided in the heart of Yangon by an European chamber of commerce that we partner, and could be subject to changer from year to year. Cultural Lunch is provided. The places are limited to 10 participants in maximum.

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How can you enroll the program?


Please email info@languagemaison.com or call 09968854411 for more information. Registration can be made here to enroll on the program. You will need to pay the program fee in advance to secure your place and payment can be made in both USD and Myanmar Kyats. We have a special service to come and collect the payment within Yangon or you can make the payment online via visa/master card.

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Please feel free to email us at info@languagemaison.com for any inquiry on our Burmese Language classes.

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